Iron and Metals

Purchase and sales of all kinds of discarded steel and metals
For over four generations Stolk Recycling purchases and sells a wide variety of steel and metal waste. Whether that be a mere few kilo’s or thousands of tons, for every provider we will find a suitable solution. Equipped with a modern fleet of trucks we place and exchange containers in a wide variety of sizes at our customers. Professional and highly motivated staff strive to deliver you the best service possible.

Exotic metals and special alloys
Besides the most common metals and irons Stolk Recycling has specialised itself in exotic and special alloys. With aid of state-of-the-art analytical equipment, we are capable of finding a suitable customer int the domestic or international market. Stolk Recycling, for over hundred and twenty years reliable in fast and correct service and famous for our credibility and payment.

1st and 2nd Choice Metal

First and Second choice batches of steel and stainless steel
On a daily basis we purchase and sell, both domestic and abroad, batches of first and second choice steel of all shapes and dimensions. On a regular basis we possess large quantities of steel plates that are extremely suitable as ground or floor protection, applicable in all kind of industrial environments.

Reusable metals
We are keen to buy your surplus in reusable metals for prices beyond the scrap value. In search for tailor made foundation piles ? We are happy to provide you with them. We also supply all kinds of ballast whether that be lead, steel or steel punchings. In short, if you are looking for steel or stainless products you came to the right address and we will kindly make you a competitive offer.

Scrap Management

Within our applied scrap management system, a number of issues regarding your released surplus of iron and metal waste, are addressed.

  • Analyses of released material
  • Prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling
  • Segregation and logistics
  • Safety and environment
  • Control and administrative organisation

Entering a scrap management trajectory assures you of one thing, in the end you will receive the highest possible revenues in a controlled process aligning the Stolk Recycling organisation with your own.

Container service and Logistics

Scrap containers placed and exchanged with direct payment
When disposing scrap or metal waste is part of your company processes, we are more than happy to provide you with the best possible way to arrange this disposal in the most effective and profitable way. Offering many different sizes in containers and using our own fleet of trucks we are in full control of our logistics, resulting in on demand logistic execution.

Stolk Recycling is more than willing to observe your internal company process to mutually agree on the most applicable size and type of containers to be used.

Private Individuals

Purchase of all kinds of metal and steel waste for private individuals or small and independent businesses A household name in Drechtsteden and wide surroundings for the possibility to deliver your steel and metal waste at our warehouse. Our helpful and experienced experts are able to tell you precisely which materials are suitable for recycling and offer you premium prices for the delivered material.

We invite you to get acquainted with our company and experience our acclaimed service yourself. In our modern facility and warehouse located at the Fruiteniersstraat 25 in Zwijndrecht you will be received and accommodated in a friendly and effective manner.

Opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 till 17:00 hours and on Saturday from 8:30 till 12:00 hours. We welcome you at Stolk Recycling!

Decommissioning and Demolition

Industrial demolition Your steel or metal constructions or parts thereof can be professionally disassembled and removed with excellent remunerations for the released steel and or metal waste.

If you are in possession of steel or metal constructions that need to be removed by either road or waterway, we would like to become your partner. We are happy to provide our knowledge and expertise on disassembly and transportation of the objects to be disposed. Whether that be cranes, bridges, piled fendering, vessels, offshore constructions, inter array cable or warehouses, Stolk Recycling has knowledge and expertise.

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