Acceptance Policy

Acceptance conditions as per 1 January 2019

Deliveries ferro / non-ferro scraps are to be free of any other elements like dirt, sand, liquids, pvc, plastics, glass, wood, bitumen, rubber and concrete.

For abovementioned contamination we charge a waste tax of € 125,00 per ton. Deliveries with excessive contamination (>5%) are rejected and resulting costs will be charged to the customer.

The following hazardous materials are not accepted:

  • Asbestos containing or asbestos suspicious materials
  • radioactive material → treatment according 'rules detection radioactive scrap'
  • ammunition /explosives
  • capacitors (with regard to Pcb’s)
  • transformers with Pcb contaminated oil
  • odorous materials
  • materials with food waste
  • materials with cfk'’'s
  • materials with hazardous (e.g. chemical) waste
  • materials with toxic waste.

Batteries are to be offered separately in predestined battery containers.

Tires are charges against following tariffs:

  • Regular car tire € 10,00 a piece
  • Truck tire € 30,00 a piece
  • Tractor tire € 75,00 a piece
  • Forklift tire € 50,00 a piece

Safes, vaults, refrigerators, freezers, and TV Tubes are not accepted.

Oil tanks (clean and empty) are to be accompanied with a certificate of cleansing from an accredited company and opened man’s hole (for inspection).

Oxygen/ gas cylinders, lpg tanks or other pressurized cylinders/tanks both full and empty are charged at € 125,00 apiece.

Material categorized as weeelabex (i.a. household appliances and electronics) are to be delivered separately and by pre notification.

Closed objects both in ferro and non-ferro deliveries are charged at € 125,00 apiece. Tins, barrels are to be open, empty and clean. When necessarily flushed or scraped.

If upon delivery the supplied material does not comply with these acceptance conditions, the supplier will be held liable for all resulting costs.

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